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2019 GEOSET Award: First Picture

The GEOSET Award is back and in a new location.

2019 Sir Harold W. Kroto & Steve F. A. Acquah GEOSET Award

It's almost three years since Sir Harold Kroto passed, but his legacy for science research and educational outreach continues. Now at UMass Amherst, the GEOSET Award continues with a new focus. Excellence in Science Communication through Digital Media.

“Communicating science is more important today than it has ever been.”

The GEOSET Awards started at Florida State University as a way to recognize the achievements of students for outreach activities and science communication. Having students talk about their work to a general audience was one of the area Kroto was most passionate about. The communication of science is more important today than it has ever been with the push towards Open Access and the changing landscape of social media.

Sir Harold Kroto

Harold Kroto won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Robert F. Curl and Richard E. Smalley for the discovery of fullerenes.

The GEOSET Award will be presented at the Annual Chemistry Award Dinner on the 26th April.

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